• 2021/07/16 Tina Jordan

    Used the vacuum sealer for the first time today. Think it needs better instructions, even the video was hard to follow. My bags list there seal when I put the veggies in the fridge. Not giving up on the machine yet, just have to figure it out.

  • 2021/07/11 Cheryl Mach

    How do I leave a review and claim my free bags? Thank you

  • 2021/06/24 Heather Creamer

    I just purchased a SJ-209 and the preservation tank is missing. How do I get one, ASAP? Thanks.

  • 2021/06/23 Jeannette Blocker

    I love my Msake vacuum seal. I have used it for my garden veggies and it is amazing. Everything stacks perfectly in the freezer. I am sending results of my progress through a short video. I even vacuumed all my refrigerator veggies as well. However, I cannot fine anywhere on the site to scan the code for my 2 rolls of bags offered on the card sent with my order.

  • 2021/06/17 jennifer goodine

    I just received my new vacuum sealer a couple days ago. I love it. It is very easy to use and will save me a lot of money on food not going bad on me. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.

  • 2021/06/12 Kevin Forney

    I purchased your vacuum sealer and I really appreciate the ease of use and the way it keeps my food fresh in the freezer I would recommend this product to anyone especially people with a large families like mine

  • 2021/05/25 Wei Yin

    I bought new vacuum sealer recently, it was easy to use, low noise, it’s a very good product!

  • 2021/05/25 Sheryl L Rhodes

    Received my new vacuum sealer today. It was a birthday present from my grandson and so far I love it! I have also registered my warranty. Thank you!